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Guiding Your Visions into the

At Athens West Productions we always strive to offer, “forward thinking” to our design approach. Forward thinking encourages us to expand the design specification to include several future versions or feature options. In this way, we increase the overall half-life of the design while making sure to optimize major tooling costs in the productions phase.

  • Athens West Productions offers designing in three general areas:
    • Conceptual ~ "Defining the vision"
    • 3D Modeling ~ "Scaling the vision"
    • Specifications ~ "Refining the process"
  • We break design into three service areas. First, we offer conceptual design as a way to get you from the napkin phase to the initial design package that includes multiple design sketches and a declaration of intent. That phase is followed closely by the 3D modeling service and finally summarized with a specification document required by industry to estimate production costs.
  • This three area service flow allows you the client to move forward at you own rate and within your own resource commitments.