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Guiding Your Visions into the

From the early age of five, I pasted the time "inventing" every type of thing under the sun. I was blessed with the vision to see objects in the future. This gift has allowed me to explore the joy of discovery within the ever challenging art of bring innovations to market.

  • Along the way, I've worked side by side with very gifted craft people in many fields. This has allowed me the further improve the time required to guide you in the promise and challenge that your idea represents.
  • Rest assured that one of the most powerful insights that I can deliver to you is "knowing" that "I don't know" regarding some aspect of your vision. This is the truth upon which all innovations are based and the strength of our approach.
  • Finally, all to often, you will be asked to sign-off on the first solution that meets the criteria of your vision. Here at Athens West, we know that the first solution is most often the starting point rather than the answer.
  • Please note that we are aware of your concerns regarding any and all disclosure of your project. To that end, we are always comfortable in signing a reciprocal non-disclosure agreement. If you have not yet moved to that stage of project development, then feel free to examine the non-disclosure agreement included on this site.