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ReAwakenings: Abstract

Guiding Your Visions into the

Series: "ReAwakening"

Format: Abstract



E’YEA is an I.T. executive for a prominent, national corporation. E’Yea’s company is undergoing some difficult restructuring, and a lot of people are about to be laid off. E’Yea is a very grounded, very mellow person who is determined not to get caught up in the trivial and material, so while he is concerned about his job, he’s not going to let his fears run his life.

E’Yea meets his new boss, LESLIE, who is a sexy, vixenish go-getter. Leslie wants to seduce E’Yea but he doesn’t like her energy, which he correctly senses is full of ambition and scheming. Sure enough, Leslie has a way to make massive personnel cuts by infiltrating private personnel files to get certain people to take weakened severance packages. E’Yea knows she’s trying to use him to help her with this scheme, which he opposes, so he allows himself to be laid off rather than go down that road.

Shortly before he leaves the company, however, E’Yea meets LOR, a beautiful, radiant coworker from Human Resources. The first they time the meet both E’Yea and Lor get the strong sense that they’ve met before, several times in fact, over the centuries.

E’Yea decides to leave town and head for Sedona, Arizona where there is a HEALING SPA he’d heard about. E’Yea goes there and has healing and psychic sessions, has his aura photographed, and even does some past life regression. Everyone is greatly impressed with his aura and energy. E’Yea even begins to discover that he has some psychic, precognitive powers of his own.

E’Yea is invited by one of the staff, ALONA, to join her in a Native American fire ceremony. There E’Yea is treated like a special guest, as everyone at the ceremony can sense his power. During this time, E’Yea can’t get Lor out of his mind, nor can she get him out of hers. Lor loses her job to the cutbacks and decides to go on her own odyssey as well. As for Leslie, her shady dealings catch up with her and she is fired. She grows angry and distraught and tries to kill herself.

E’Yea moves on and heads up to VICTORIA ISLAND in Vancouver, where he enjoys more healing and psychic sessions. There he learns that he is an old soul, even older than he thought. It seems that in a past life E’Yea was one of the HIGH ELDERS of ATLANTIS, and for all these centuries he has blamed himself for the demise and disappearance of that civilization. In E’Yea’s sessions he learns to forgive himself. He also starts hearing the voice of an old Indian spirit, CHACO, who has become his SPIRIT GUIDE.

E’Yea takes a job with the spa on Victoria Island giving readings. He’s very good at it but, most importantly, he’s really helping people. As he aids people in coming to grips with their psychic and emotional baggage, he also feels that he, too, is being cleansed and healed by the process.

Lor, meanwhile, is going on her own psychic journey. She travels first to Sedona, and then to Victoria Island, during which time Chaco becomes her spirit guide as well. Lor and E’Yea are reunited and E’Yea is greatly thrilled to see her again. He senses that they could be something great, but also senses her trepidation. E’Yea struggles to keep his emotions in check, but can’t deny the powerful connection they share.

However, he also realizes that Lor has a lot of baggage to deal with, not just in this life but in the past. He helps her come to grips with her issues about men and trust, but while he’s only helping her, he does absorb a lot of her displaced aggression. E’Yea backs off and Lor realizes that she’s driving away someone special. They both then realize that they share the same spirit guide in Chaco, and he helps them come together, at last.