Guiding Your Visions into the

E’yea Vicol d.b.a. Athens West Productions since 1987

Position: Concept, Design, & Production consultant

I thrive on opportunities to transform visions into projects. Whether the project is currently in the concept, design, or production phase, I have the abilities and skills to enhance your results on a timely basis.

Artistic Design Experience

Concept Designer of a Worldwide Destination Spa: “Inner Space

Cleveland, OH, Owner: D. Pawlouski, May 2004

Scope: Researched, designed, sketched, and presented Spa concept

Supervised: 2 Direct, 0 Indirect

Producer/Designer for a industrial product rollout tour: “Back to the Future

Youngstown, OH, Tampa, FL, Producer: G. Bartholomew, Feb 1994

Scope: Production, Scenic, & Lighting design, Construction, 2 city Tour

Supervised: 10 Direct, 6 Indirect (union)

Producer/Designer/Director of an Alumni Art Exhibit: “No Particular Place or Time

Youngstown, OH, Ex. College Chair: Dean Small, Apr 1993

Scope: Produced/Designed/Constructed Scenic, Lighting, Effects, Costumes, & Music

Supervised: 12 Direct, 3 Indirect

Scenic, Lighting, and Effects Designer of an environmental theater presentation: “K2

Youngstown, OH, Director: R. Vargo, Jan 1993

Scope: Designed, Technical Direction, Construction & Welding

Implemented a metal shop into the University Theater Dept..

Supervised: 4 Direct, 8 Indirect

Assistant Art Director for a 35 mm independent film: “Home Run

LA, CA, Art Director: B. Himber, June 1981

Scope: Responsible for all execution of locations, set dressing, and props

Supervised: 2 Direct, 2 Indirect


Project Management

Engineering Liaison for a component engineering Global Shared Database: “GSD”

Warren, OH, Dept.. Manager: D. Ellwood, Jan 2003

Scope: Research, Redesign, Present, Signoff, & document the modification plan. Also lead Scrubbing, Population, and migration of data in real time.

Supervised: 5 Direct, 25 Indirect (engineers, data input, programmers, IT liaison)

Technical Director for the construction and installation of themed amusement park: “Fantastic Puro Land

Tama, Japan, V.P. Technology: D. Thornton, Dec 1989

Scope: Directly let contracts for all animation, show control, & show monitor and coordinated all domestic contractors & vendors specifications, product, and deliveries.

Supervised: 10 Direct, 150 Indirect (US & Japan)

Project manager for the first viewing of a prototype animated attraction system: “Dynamic Motion Simulator”

LA, CA, V.P. Engineering: E. Plitt, Nov 1986

Scope: Managed the shipping, load-in, load-out, setup, and lighting design for the IAPPA convention in FL.

Received the “Best of Show” award.

Supervised: 2 Direct, 10 Indirect (teamsters)


Design Consultant

Design and Technical consultant for the rollout of: “Agassi Street Tennis”

NY, NY, Art Director: T. Wright, Feb 1993

Scope: Refined and executed design presented at “Toy Fair”.

Technical consultant during the final phase of a theater renovation: “The Ford Theater”

Youngstown, OH, Dept.. Chair: F. Owens, Oct 1993

Scope: Served as the University’s liaison on all outstanding issues on the backed of a two year renovation of the hydraulic, lighting, rigging, and audio systems. Also let the contract for lighting instrument inventory.

Supervised: 2 Direct, 25 Indirect (contractor & vendor leads)


Corporate Design and Management

Design Engineer developed CAD assemble system for General Motors: “Relational Component Grouping” “RCG”

Warren, OH, Dept.. Manager: T. Horrel, Jul 1999

Scope: Proposed, conceived, designed, & implemented the system over 2.5 years. GM realized $2.6 million (70,000 man-hours) in savings during the first year.

Annual saving now approaches 13 million.

Supervised: 10 Direct, 150 Indirect

Senior Design Engineer developed a cross platform format for a “Component Engineering Product handbook”

Warren, OH, Dept.. Manager: T. Horrel, Jul 2001

Scope: Supervise and design a product format that supports WEB, cut-sheets, and engineering specifications driven by a central database in real time.

Supervised: 2 Direct, 3 Indirect

System Design Engineer developed automated CAD circuit layout program: “Auto Circuit Update System”

Warren, OH, Dept.. Manager: D. Ellwood, May 2002

Scope: Severed as the programming liaison to the engineering group for specifications, GUI design, testing, and rollout.

Supervised: 2 Direct, 2 Indirect

System Designer and Webmaster developed and implement a WEB site for the Component Engineering Group: “Delphi Component Engineering WEB”

Warren, OH, Dept.. Manager: J. Stanhope, Jun 2002

Scope: Interviewed, designed, created, presented, and maintained the Web site.

Supervised: 1 Direct, 3 Indirect

System Design Engineer and Programmer who developed a custom application: “Program Interaction Impact” for the Component Engineering Group.

Warren, OH, Dept.. Manager: J. Stanhope, Jul 2002

Scope: Interviewed, specified, designed, programmed, and rolled out the MS Access application.

Supervised: 1 Direct, 0 Indirect


Corporate Production Supervision

Production Supervisor of the Component Terminal Manufacturing Department.

Warren, OH, Dept.. Director: J. Larson, Jul 2004

Scope: Responsible for the quality, quantity, and delivery of product to global customers. Managed tool & die makers, operators, skilled trades, and maintenance personnel with regards to time, safety, training, discipline, and production output.

Set new productions records for shift, department, and division.

Supervised: 19 Direct, 8 Indirect (three trade unions)


Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor of Theater Design & Technology: “Youngstown State University

Youngstown, OH, Dept.. Chair: F. Owens, Sep 1992-93

Scope: I supervised, designed, and built 5 main stage productions, taught 6 courses, supervised all technical aspects of production, ran the scene shop and trained work study and interns.

Supervised: 10 Direct, 55 Indirect (practicum)

CAD Instructor for drafting design and techniques: “ITT Technical Institute

Youngstown, OH, Dept.. Chair: S. Sofia, Jan 1995-97

Scope: Required to adapt core curriculum to local campus in addition to teaching four classes of related studies. Also charged with student proficiency testing, evaluation, and retention.

Instructed: 35 students per session.



ATHENS WEST PRODUCTIONS; Sedona, Arizona 2004 to Pres.



DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS; Warren, Ohio 1994 to 2004

Design Engineer
Senior Design Engineer
System Designer and Webmaster
System Design Engineer and Programmer

Engineering Liaison
Production Supervisor


ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE; Youngstown, Ohio 1995 to 1997

CAD Instructor


JSC ENTERPRISES INC.; Geneva, Ohio 1993 to 1994

CAD Draftsmen


Youngstown State University; Youngstown, OHio 1992 to 1993

Assistant Professor of Theater Design & Technology


LEXINGTON SCENERY & PROPS; LA, California 1990 to 1991

Scenic Project Lead


FANTASTIC PURO LAND; Tama, Japan 1989 to 1990

Technical Director for the construction and installation of themed amusement park


LEXINGTON SCENERY & PROPS; LA, California 1988 to 1989

Scenic Carpenter, Lead Welder


ATHENS WEST PRODUCTIONS; Athens, Ohio 1987 to Pres.

Owner, Lead Consultant


OHIO UNIVERSITY; Athens, Ohio 1984 to 1987

Graduate Scenic & Lighting Lab Teaching Assistant


THE GOODMAN THEATRE; Chicago, Illinois 1982 to 1984

Lead Carpenter, Stage Hand


HOME RUN” 35 mm independent film:; LA, California 1980 to 1981

Assistant Art Director


OHIO UNIVERSITY; Athens, Ohio 1976 to 1980

Scenic & Lighting Lab Assistant


LINCOLN ELECTRIC INC.; Cleveland, Ohio 1974 to 1976

Coil Winder
PC Board Assembler
Inventory Controller



BGS – Electronics, Computer Science, & Media Design Ohio University

Athens, OH, School Chair: R. Winters, Jan 1976-80

MFA – Production Design & Technology (Scenic, Lighting, & Effects) Ohio University

MA - Arts Administration & Management

Athens, OH School Chair: R. Winters, 1984-87